Verna Stearns

2018 MSAA MS Ability Art Showcase Entrants


Verna Stearns – Midlothian, VA As an artist I strive for brilliance in color. As a person I look for inner beauty as well as visual appeal. I have been painting since 1998. When I was 32 I was diagnosed with MS. Through painting I have found a way to give completely of myself. It shows those I love, who I am, how I feel, and fully exposes my heart. This gives me peace. I began painting at 34, I was drawn to color, flowers, life… I’ve been looking for answers to why I have suddenly been given this gift. What can I do with it to make a difference? Painting flowers is my passion, their layers, colors, smells, and textures are food for my soul. Through art I have found my calling. If not for MS I would never have found art.

Give It To God 36x36